Travel & Exploring Silver Jewellery,Turquoise,Lapis Lazuli,Red Coral

I have been on the go and travelling to Winnipeg – the lots of snow and very cold place my family lives in Canada – so just now getting back to the blog time. 

While on our previous travels to Chiang Mai Thailand last summer, I studied silver jewellery making at a fabulous silver lab called Nova Jewellery ( and loved it!  The quality of the instruction and outstanding lab with top notch equipment.   Thailand is such a grand place to be and I am in love with the people and their culture.  My husband, Ralph, and I studied Insight Meditation for a couple of months at a 500 year old Buddhist temple – Wat Ram Poeng or Northern Insight Meditation Center in Chiang Mai.  We also studied at another very special temple called Wat Chom Tong in the village of Chom Tong.  These are two temples which teach Westerners meditation while you stay in their Wat,  living with the nuns and monks.  We find this meditation has transformed our perspectives of life and deepened inner awareness.   What a gift! 

You can find these temples at: and 

This is all leading up to the fact that while I was in Thailand I began my exploration of making silver jewellery and brought some equipment back with me.  I also found a source for semi-precious gems and hauled home a load of Tibetan Turquoise , Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan   and Red Coral           I am joyfully creating jewellery pieces from these gems while I set up my small lab to start the silver work ‘play’.   Once I figure out how to upload the pictures of these I will do so.

I also studied stone carving with a master in Chiang Mai and will include a post on Neng and his incredible art in the new year.  At some point I will begin the stone carving as well, but need diamond tip bits for my equipment…. enough on the go for the moment.  So, until later….. Wishing the New Year in 2009 is filled with dreams come true!  Lucy

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