Jewellery Designing Snowbound with a Hummingbird!

Hummingbird Work-in-Progress  Dec 08

Hummingbird Work-in-Progress Dec 08

It’s December yes, but on the West Coast of Canada – Vancouver Island – we generally have ‘Rain’ and a lot of it in the winter….. here we sit ‘snowbound’ surrounded by a winter wonderland of white powder with rapidly changing light.  Inspired by nature is natural for me, after recovering from feeling trapped with cabin fever from two mere days of snow….. I am back on the creative horse.  

I step out of my own way and wait for the inspirations to flow and am gifted with a visit from one of our pair of Hummingbirds who winter over here on the coast.  “JOY” this is the message the Hummingbird brings!  According to some of the local aboriginal beliefs they represent women’s power…. able to move in any direction swiftly as needed and are the gateway to Joy!  As told to me by my good friend and fellow artist Jackson Robertson, a beautiful belief.

So I offer a piece of ‘Hummingbird Joy’ and Inspiration to add beauty to the Joyfilled Day!

Hummingbird Arrival

Hummingbird Arrival

Hummingbird eating Heartily

Hummingbird eating Heartily

Jackson Robertson – of the Kwagiulth Nation, born in Kingcome Inlet is a West Coast Native Artist in gold and silver as well as wood carvings.  He is a gifted artist, teaches wood carving in Nanaimo, British Columbia and a good friend.  I have many pieces of Jackson’s incredible silver jewellery pieces which are carved with intricate traditional images.  Some of my favorite silver earrings from Jackson are Hummingbirds and the Joy they bring always warms my heart!

Jackson Robertson - Silver Carved Jewellery

Jackson Robertson - Silver Carved Jewellery

Jackson Robertson - Silver Carved Jewellery

Jackson Robertson - Silver Carved Jewellery

One site for Jackson Robertson in Nanaimo BC is:

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One Response to “Jewellery Designing Snowbound with a Hummingbird!”

  1. beautiful pictures – all that snow – and those hummingbirds! your blog is a real inspiration – thanks.

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