West Coast Winter Wonderland – Jewellery Finale then off to New York!

Such a magical winter wonderland – white glistening diamonds – a blanket of powder clings to the trees – while our Hummingbird pair still arrives to drink their fill.  It’s been freezing at night so we take in the hummingbird feeder in at night and hang it back outside in the morning, often with a Hummingbird dancing before the windows to remind us it’s breakfast time – so move it, we’re waiting!  How delightful! 

I couldn’t resist putting up the pictures which I took this morning while standing in our back yard.  Magical Beauty!  While we normally would have webbed duck feet from all the rain…. we now don boots to stomp through the snow, imagine…. we aren’t used to shovelling rain!   Alana’s apple tree is transported to Christmas Card status and Alana the ‘Hummingbird Protector’ while we are in New York, so no worries there.

I am finishing up some necklaces and earrings to take to New York later this week, hunkered down in our wonderland.  The thrill of the Big Apple during the holiday season will offer different Magic, we can’t wait to experience Times Square on New Years Eve! 

Wishing everyone a Season of Beauty and Joy!  Warm shelter and hearty nourishment to those in need, and Peace on Earth for All!    

West Coast Winter Wonderland

West Coast Winter Wonderland

Dec 22 Bird Feeder Tree in Back Yard

Dec 22 Bird Feeder Tree in Back Yard


Alana's Apple Tree Transformed!

Alana's Apple Tree Transformed!

~ by tribalstonesjewellery on December 22, 2008.

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