Red Coral Jewellery for a ‘Special Gem’… Khyah our Grandaughter!

Our Special Gem .... Khyah

Welcoming the New Year 2010 has been so packed with family, friends and life in general I haven’t had a chance to enjoy my blog time.  When I realized the winter Olympics had arrived in Vancouver that meant it’s February already!  I have been designing my business card, and another for Ralph for his mindful meditation and next will be designing my web site.  Everything takes longer than anticipated but it’s an interesting journey and lessons of patience are needed and enjoyed.  Ralph said if I wait much longer I’ll be in time for Thai new year, Songkron in April.  So here is my first blog for 2010.  May this year be filled with dreams come true, joy, inspiration & beauty!

One of our most ‘Precious Gems’ is our Grandaughter Khyah, and we had the joy of spending some time together when she and her vibrant Dalton, came over to Vancouver Island to visit and see the concert with Jamyang Yeshi.  Jamyang is a special Tibetan friend who has a beautiful spirit and voice to match!  The time we all spent together was very delightful.  With Khyah living on the Sunshine Coast, which means a ferry ride to Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay and then another 1-1/2 hr ferry ride to Vancouver Island and our spot, Nanaimo ….. it’s a jaunt.  Khyah’s spirit is just so amazing and her exotic beauty is matched by her voice, she has grown into one incredible young woman! How did our Bunny become 19??  She is bursting with her unique gifts and life possibilities!

Jamyang Yeshi with Khyah & Dalton

It seemed so appropriate to gift her a Red Coral Necklace for Chanukah, the power of her presence and the natural power of the red coral are a perfect match!   May this Red Coral be a special companion on your journey Khyah!  We offer Gratitude for You being You!  Go Girl!!

Khyah & Dalton.... ringing in the New Year with Love!

Khyah's Red Coral Necklace - with hand tied knots

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