Meditating on Enlightenment …… and jewellery inspirations!

I M S - Insight Meditation Society - Barre, Massachusetts

I M S - Insight Meditation Society - Barre, Massachusetts

I know it’s been a while since my last entry…… but whew, researching web site information and it’s just the beginning, sigh…. we have just returned from  Boston to a Meditation Retreat at the I M S (I nsight Meditation Society) in Barre, Massachusetts.  It was just what we needed and the teachings and personal experiences are worth their weight in gold.  Ralph and I both are committed to the practice of meditation, Therevada Insight Meditation, and it has helped us navigate the waves in the ocean of life.  This was a nine day silent Monastic Retreat and our Teachers were skilled and gifted Monks (Aj. Amaro, Aj. Punnadhamo, Tan Caganando along with Taraniya) trained in the Thai Forest approach originating with Aj. Chah from the North East of Thailand.  This retreat out of everyday demands restored our spirits and our practice, with a lot of humor thrown in too! Seeing more clearly with more space in my head for beauty to reside, I look forward to creating soon.  Deep gratitude to the Teachers and the I M S for this amazing opportunity.

Buddha statue in Garden - I M S

Buddha statue in Garden - I M S

Wisteria in bloom  at  I M S

Wisteria in bloom at I M S

After the retreat and staying at the I M S (pristine natural beauty, stillness and fabulous food too), we ventured forth into the ‘real’ world….. rented a car and drove from one end of Cape Cod to the other.  We stayed in Hyannis as it was central and we didn’t have a lot of ambition for busyness and enjoyed five days of togetherness and sharings of our meditation experiences (we hadn’t talked for nine days!) over delicious coffee, beaches and just general exploring.  It is the home of the Kennedys and I found two great shops for bead inspiration which are in the Beading Resources.    We even took a cheese making course one afternoon with a lovely woman we met at the retreat, fascinating and fun.  So…. having soaked up the beauty of nature and with a renewed meditative mind, I begin each day with a focus to be happy with what I achieve today and being fully present in the experience of the here and now.  On that note, when the next post happens or the web site progresses, I am simply happy with who I am right now…. knowing there really is no point in future hopping we only miss the true beauty of now.            Slow down and enjoy the beauty around you, and be inspired!

P.S.  If you are interested in reading about Meditation, my husband Ralph writes a blog on his ‘real’ daily experiences at:

Buddha in Meditation Hall   at  the Forest Retreat - I M S

Buddha in Meditation Hall - Forest Retreat -IMS

Bee in the Cherry Blossoms - IMS     May 2010

Bee in the Cherry Blossoms - IMS May 2010

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