Lucy's  Silver Viking Knit with Ruby Quartz Beads Bracelet

Lucy's Silver Viking Knit with Ruby Quartz Beads Bracelet

VIKING KNIT ….. finally …. October 16th, 2010  I took a jewellery course from Jill Rockwell in Victoria, B.C. (Metal & Beads Art) An incredible jewellery artist and amazingly an incredible teacher of techniques as well…. an uncommon combination.  She is highly skilled, patient and loads of fun too!  What a great experience for me to find someone on Vancouver Island who I can learn exciting new skills and also who inspires me!  Anyone nearby … or far for that matter … would be very lucky to take some training with Jill.    You can check out Jill and her Metal & Beads Arts at her Blog: She also has a spot on the Etsy art focused website:

I first saw some examples of VIKING KNIT last year in San Francisco and visiting Beading Frenzy in San Mateo and was fascinated by the intricate design and the ancient textural appearance.  My mother’s heritage is Icelandic Viking so this is especially close to my heart.  They were giving a course when I was there but it was cancelled…. I’ve been on the hunt to learn this technique since.  I even went onto the ‘web’ and read the instructions on some sites….. wow, not a way I can learn.  I’m best with a hands on visual learning approach….. so finally I met Jill Rockwell at the Filberg Music Festival & Art show.  Her both display was both impeccably designed and her jewellery art spectacular, I was blown away.  Jill’s spectrum of the type of techniques she uses for her work is very wide and impressive.

I am thrilled and tickled pink (even though pink is my least favorite color) with my own  Silver Viking Knit Bracelet with Ruby Quartz beads.   Heather and I had Jill’s undivided attention & Heather created a gorgeous Copper Viking Knit Bracelet with Turquoise Beads.  The course took three hours from start to finish…… and I left with my very own hand crafted Viking Knit Bracelet, tons of sources that Jill generously shared on sources and  where to buy supplies …. and a big smile and a belly full of fun!  Ralph was so impressed with my creation and I do love to make my honey smile!        Can’t wait to get all my supplies and make a million Viking Knit pieces of Jewellery!

The sources I have contacted are:

IMPERIAL SMELING in Markham Ontario – has many types of supplies, wires etc.   Web Site: I phoned my order in.  Wire I purchased = Silver 20 and 24 gauge -round- Annealed and spooled.   The 24 gauge used for the Viking Knit weave and the 20 gauge used for running through the center to string the beads onto at the end.    Delivery is the next day, literally, wow!

ROCK  HOUND  SHOP in Victoria, B.C.  has a vast selection of supplies and stones.  I ordered Liver Sulphur Gel from them and are great folks.

THE BEADWORLD in Victoria, B.C.  has been referred to me by many people and they are so willing to help and good prices. I bought the Craft Wire from them which is used to start the Viking Knit weave so when you finish and pull the completed length through your wood Draw Plate in decreasing sizes, you don’t waste the Silver or Copper wire when you pull with pliers.

Heather's Copper & Tuqoise Beads Viking Knit Bracelet

Heather's Copper & Tuqoise Beads Viking Knit Bracelet

Lucy ~ Jill Rockwell ~ Heather showing off Viking Knit

Lucy ~ Jill Rockwell ~ Heather showing off Viking Knit

Some Viking Metalwork History for cultural interest:

Mail or chain mail is a type of armour consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh.

The word chainmail is of relatively recent coinage, having been in use only since the 18th century; prior to this it was referred to simply as mail.

The word itself refers to the armour material, not the garment made from it. A shirt made from mail is a hauberk if knee-length, haubergeon if mid-thigh length, and byrnie if waist-length. Mail leggings are called chausses, mail hoods coif and mail mittens mitons. A mail collar hanging from a helmet is camail or aventail. A mail collar worn strapped around the neck was called a pixane or standard.

Mail was a highly successful type of armor and was used by nearly every metalworking culture in North Africa, Europe, and Asia. Its use spans from around 300 BC to the dawn of the 20th century and beyond, a period of over 2500 years. Today it remains in limited use in stab vests and a number of other applications. It is also used in reenactments, decorative uses and jewelry. = above source for Viking Chain Mail

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