A Great Artist & Friend ~ Roy Mackey a Vancouverite with Bite!

ROY MACKEY ~ A Steel Artist with a Fantastic Imagination, amazingly creative with a difficult medium and bonus ….. he’s intelligent & totally Hilarious too!  So…… I’ve been busy in life and haven’t had a chance to blog or do much of my own creativity, and since I had just been in touch with Roy and gotten his exciting news on his Art….. well, here are some links to be inspired by.  A known fact, being an Artist takes a lot of commitment, courage and just plain crazy ‘gotta just do this!’ kind of attitude ….. so where we find things that uplift, entertain and inspire are always worth their weight in ….. well, steel….. silver …… gems ….. gold bars!!    Hope you find some of this in Roy’s web site and his latest news being on vandm ~ New York Bill’s web site for his latest wild Hammer creations….. even the New York Timespiece….. Wow!  Go Roy & keep on just Being You (kind of like the Anthony Boudain ‘No Reservations’ Chef guy …. only of Steel!     P.S. check out his two personal  ‘best selling books’.   Cheers Roy!

Star Window ~ Roy Mackey

Star Window ~ Roy Mackey

Roy Mackey's   Steel Star Bed Frame

Roy Mackey's Steel Star Bed Frame

Roy Mackey's~   Steel Star Bed Frame

Roy Mackey's~ Steel Star Bed Frame

Roy Mackey's~   Steel Star Bed Frame

Roy Mackey's~ Steel Star Bed Frame

As a side note, I happen to be lucky enough to have some of Roy’s original art pieces and love them more each year.  One such piece is a ‘Star Bed Frame’ which is wanting a new home, hard to imagine parting with this but space is a premium now.  I’ll include some shots so you can get a sense of his genius, a 1997 creation of Roy’s.

Here are some links to find Roy Mackey & his Art at:

Roy Mackey’s Web Site:   http://www.flamingsteel.com

Bill at vandam:   http://vandm.com/HammerSeries

Unique Vintage Furniture, Antiques, Jewellery  and more check out:   http://vandm.com

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