HAVE A ‘GEM” of a YEAR …may it be HAPPY…JOY FILLED and a Ganesh Jewel of a NEW YEAR in 2014!!

HAVE A 'GEM'' of a YEAR ...may it be HAPPY...JOY FILLED and a Ganesh Jewel of a NEW YEAR in 2014!!

Ganesh Tattoo immediately after completed November 2013

Ganesh Tattoo immediately after completed November 2013

My restorative holiday on Koh Lanta Yai, Thailand in November with my wonderful hubby, culminated in a sequence of events which led to my new tattoo of GANESH with the Thai word for bliss and peace ….. SABAI etched underneath. The desire for a Ganesh tattoo has been bouncing around my head for five years, not that I have a lot of tattoos…. only my tiny Grizzly Bear Claw on my wrist which I love. But I haven’t been possessed or driven to have it happen… Just floating images and thoughts ….. Waiting for the ‘perfect tattoo artist’ to come to me, and he did on Koh Lanta Yai. Eric is a Magnificent designer and Tattoo Artist who works with a Hand Bamboo Method, hand creating dot by dot (Eric estimates about 100,000 dots) my precious Ganesh placed gently between my shoulder blades and behind my Heart Center. Eric and his talented wife Lena have a cafe – KUNDA – where delicious foods, jewellery and art are all part of their Sacred Space. So yummy just hanging out there eating, chatting and feeling the inspiration of these two lovely people! So while relaxing at Kunda one day I complimented Lena on her tattoos, beautiful details and designs, when she said her husband Eric creates them…. Well… after meeting Eric and chatting everything fell into place. A real gift to me and the great part is my hubby loves our dear Elephant God Ganesh, it wouldn’t have happened without his support love and design input!
The picture shown has a bit of redness as this was taken immediately when completed, after five hours of work by Eric. This Bamboo Method is amazing, I could swim two hours after and the pain during was very doable and not much at all after, wow!
So on this note I wanted to share an Article and video about Ganesh by Gigi Yogini (www.gigiyogini.com) which I find inspiring! Enjoy and have a Beautiful New Year!

May Ganesh bless your Year …. And to give you a gift from Gigi Yogini which I quote below on GANESH from her web site, http://gigiyogini.com Enjoy!

This is my favorite mantra to awaken Shakti, or the manifesting energy of the Universe, to stoke the fire of transformation within. I teach this mantra in classes, I sing it while driving in Los Angeles traffic and I have shared with with friends, family and students around the world because it’s easy and uplifting with the potential for great results.

According to the Buddhist Handbook, mantras are “highly compressed, power-packed formulas, usually of Sanskrit origin, which are charged with deep meaning and magical potency.” A mantra can be a word, sound or phrase which elevates or modifies consciousness through its meaning, sound, rhythm, tone and reflexology of the tongue against the palate of the mouth.

This particular mantra is “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha,” which can be loosely translated to “Yo! Wake up Root Chakra energy of transformation so I can move through any obstacles in my life. Hooray!” Most importantly, we are calling upon the powerful energy of Ganesh, the elephant headed deity, who is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and the Lord of Beginnings.

According to Kundalini yoga, Ganesh, also referred to as Ganapataye, resides in the first chakra, called Muladhara (muladhara). Mula means “original,” and adhara means “foundation.” The muladhara chakra is the principal origin from which the manifesting energy of Shakti resides within each of us. When we awaken that energy, it helps us move through the Chakras with ease to activate a strong sense of self, express Divine love, communicate clearly and connect with our intuition.
***** Above is all Quoted from GIGI YOGINI’s web site: www,gigyogini.com
GANESH ARTICLE and VIDEO by Gigi Yogini: Check it all out!!
Gigi Yogini
****GIGI YOGINI **** website above ….. Is a wonderful, inspiring and uplifting woman whom I enjoy following for Yoga and just found her Mantra for Ganesh…. which is powerful and fun to clear my mind with. Gig Yogini, on her web site above (mindbodygreen.com) has a video chanting this marvelous chant, Enjoy! Thank You Gigi Yogini for sharing your gifts!!
Gigi Yogini inspires women of every shape and size to love themselves and strengthen their mind-body connection. She is a yoga teacher and motivational speaker based in Santa Monica, California. In addition to promoting healthy body image, Gigi believes in the power of practicing joy because practice makes permanent. She teaches classes and workshops at festivals and retreats, including Costa Rica in April 2014. In recognition of her work, Gigi was named an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, YogaEarth and Manduka. You can check out her yoga classes online at YogaVibes.

This particular mantra is important because not only is it fun and catchy, but it also represents a willingness to release and move past the perceived obstacles in our lives. We can all make excuses for ourselves about why we cannot achieve our dreams, but you will have an easier time succeeding when you choose to focus on your goals rather than your challenges. So when you make the choice to chant this mantra, you are aligning yourself with your desired outcome and moving towards it with conviction.

I suggest you use this mantra when you want to clear the Chitta Vritti, or the anxious chatter of the mind. You can repeat this Mantra 108 times on your Mala beads or follow along with the video for a minute of chanting. Most importantly, make it your own, find your voice and have fun. Remember, this is your life. Don’t let anything hold you back because you deserve the best.

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