Everyday as Jewellery and Art

It’s Been a long while since last I have written here….we spent the last year raising our new Standard Poodle puppy and Maine Coon kitten….whew….a new view of new parenting.   Gardening is one inspiration which keeps all of us happy.  Looking around us and stopping in moments to just ‘See’ with fresh eyes is full of inspirations for my art and jewellery.

Visiting local farmers markets in season is wonderful to fill up on colors, shapes, veggies and fruits, flowers and crafts…. everyday that surrounds us is where I look for images to create by.  I often admire the artists who create jewellery and hanging chimes from old silverware……how brilliant!  My beautiful niece wore a piece of ‘silverware art’ as a pendant shaped into an octopus ….. Fantastic!   Clearly this is out of focus and the back view however you get the picture…. So, in with the ‘Old’ and ‘Everyday’ to create extraordinary Jewellery and Art!

We have a great farmers craft market near us called Cedar Sunday Market and while there found these unique bracelets made from old silverware.  The artist, Simon, knows the date of the silverware he uses and history of the pieces as well, which makes for interesting and fun background to jewellery to wear.  One is from 1904 Flower Dewe and the other 1880 Williams II.  Enjoying wearing these two bracelets together. They have very strong magnets to connect both sides easily!  Also chimes and lots of creative art!thumb_IMG_1565_1024.jpgthumb_IMG_1564_1024.jpg





Also am loving Copper Wire weaving and inserting beads to create a shape similar to a Foxglove flower in our garden.  Having a fresh spring full of everyday beauty, hope you are too!DSCN6766

Everyday Joy!

~ by tribalstonesjewellery on June 14, 2017.

One Response to “Everyday as Jewellery and Art”

  1. B-u-t-ful fur babies, thankful all is well… love u

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