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Lucy Frank draws deeply from the gifts of her Ojibway father’s heritage, as well as her mother’s Icelandic roots, both of which speak to the beauty and spirit in all aspects of our being.   Her joy is expressed through her creativity in jewellery, art, drawing, painting, custom leatherwork, dance, cooking & photography.

She is a Reiki Master, who shows a special ability with her healing touch. Lucy is a trained  instructor of  N I A (expressive body movement) and a Bach Flower Counselor, utilizing the emotional healing abilities of flowers.  Drawing on her Bachelor of Interior Design skills from the University of Manitoba, she is passionate about creating fluid personal spaces based upon the principles of Feng Shui.

Beauty is something which is always part of Lucy’s daily experiences, beauty is evident in all aspects of life experiences and world around us…. if we slow down and allow it to appear.  While living in Chaing Mai, Thailand Lucy studied Silver Jewellery  at the Nova Collection Studio and her passion for silver work, stone carving  and custom creating jewellery pieces was born.    The beauty of Tibetan Turqoise, Lapiz Lazuli and Red Coral captivate and inspire the designs.  Carving with diamond tip bits on the Lapiz Lazuli is a delightful detail, after studying with Neng, a Master Stone Carver.  Beauty peeks through, speaks the design direction and unfolds in jewellery adornments which honor the stones and the silver.  Carving with diamond-tip bits on the Lapiz Lazuli is a delightful detail, learned from her studies with Neng, a Thai Master Stone Carver.  The beauty of Tibetan Turqoise, Lapiz Lazuli and Red Coral captivate and inspire the designs.  Passion and creativity flows through the design, honouring the gem stones, the silver as well as reflecting the beauty of the person.

Lucy & Joy the Baby Elephant - Chitty's Love - Pai, Thailand

Lucy & Joy the Baby Elephant - Chitty's Love - Pai, Thailand

My Website under construction:  (http://www.tribalstonesjewellery.comCheck out my ‘WELCOME’ Page on this blog for an update on my website. I am now in the process of creating the website as Ralph and I have been very busy with family and moving house….. so  with my own Studio emerging in the near future …. WooHoo!

5 Responses to “About me”

  1. Thank you so much Lucy for making those lovely earrings and I am so happy to wear them. See you at Island Bridges or maybe in the hood.

    Island Bridges Retreat – June 2010

  2. Wow. You are an amazing person! I wish I could create beautiful pieces of jewelry, but I am happy to buy them also. I love the baby elephant too. 🙂

    – Topaz

  3. Hi Topaz! Thanks so much for your lovely words….. just when I need some inspiration too!

    I checked out your blog and was captivated by your visit to SAG Harbour and your adventures, thanks for the mini-trip through your eyes.

    I do have pieces of my jewellery for sale and also do ongoing custom orders, so anytime you may feel the desire to explore it….. just email me.

    Blessings on your journey, Lucy of Tribal Stones jewellery p.s. if you are interested in meditation my husband Ralph does a lovely blog: http://www.vancouverislandmeditation.wordpress.com

  4. i found ur blog randomly . love the gems.great writing xx

  5. Hello Lucy,
    I am feeling inspired.

    Thank You

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