Greetings, Aloha, Sawasdee Ka, Buenos Dios, Good Day and Welcome in all Languages!

It is my intention to fill my blog with color, ideas, pictures, history, resources, experiences and inspiration for anyone interested in jewellery and beauty.  I will also be exploring and seeking cultural and historical information of adornments and the materials used, as well as the symbolism, similarities and differences.  I hope you find something here to uplift you and inspire your day!

I am seeking Beauty in my life and have recently begun working with natural stones, gems and silver which uplift my spirit and allow me to express my creativity.  My Ojibway Native traditions and Icelandic roots have gifted me with a deep love of nature,  sacredness & simplicity of Life.  I have learned through life’s tribulations and joyful  lessons that when I express myself and my emotions creatively…….  my passions and beauty flow through dancing, writing, drawing, painting, leatherwork  &  now exploring jewellery & art.     I feel life sheds the rain – the clouds lift and healing happens.   Just as the Lotus Flower arises from the mud.

Friends at ‘stillpointproject’ say “Happiness Heals”.  Seeking the beauty and gifts  in the moment, while acknowledging the full range of my human experience, is a daily journey of self discovery and joy!

May who you truly are,  shine today,  In Joy and Gratitude – Lucy    ‘Sacred Circle Woman’

February 2011  A peek into my world:

I have begun working on my website actively and hope to have ‘something’ ….. even some photos of my jewellery …. up soon.     Ralph and I have had a lot going on in our lives, a sprinkling of all that is LIFE…. the sad, the glad, the challenging but our ever present love & laughter grounds us … most recently we spent the December & January holidays packing and moving into the home of our dreams!  We stumbled upon the house when we weren’t ‘planning’ (a plan is a sure way to make God laugh) on buying or moving until later in 2011.  So we were in fast forward, now quite settled in and the cool thing for me is the garden shed will be turned into ‘my Studio’.  Wow, such a thrill to imagine having everything set up in one area focused totally on my jewellery & art.  There is a window which looks out onto the garden (which will be a discovery through the seasons) and lots of natural light… I’m on cloud nine and itching to get all fixed up and set up.  But as I learned so well in Thailand “Tila Nit, Tila Noy”  Little by Little – first my website beginnings, then some projects on our cozy home which will link up to with My Studio upgrades!    As I allow myself to reside in the present a spaciousness blooms inside and from that place my path organically unfolds…… and as much Beauty surrounds me I continue to be inspired and small niches around our house have pieces of emerging jewellery creations, as my designs in my sketch book continue to come alive.  Spring is beginning to peek out of the rain as the lime green bulbs of crocus, daffodils and tulips are reaching up to birth a fresh season….. just as we do each and every day we arise.  Following our quiet inner voice we find our feet following our path of passions…. and Bloom with the Beauty of Who we truly Are!  Breath deeply.

March 2010  A note to update: As always designing and creating the designs fall to the side when the technicalities of the business world descend.  So, this month I have finished the design of my business cards (as well as my husband Ralph’s meditation cards), attempting to keep blogs coming amidst three visits to San Francisco since January…. A custom designed Lapiz Lazuli Necklace with a carved Lotus Flower on it, and three pairs of co-ordinated earrings found a home with Stella (the Lapiz matches her beautiful blue eyes)…. so that was an oasis of joy to create.   Now onward and upward doing research and compiling the data for a Web Site.  I just wanted to let you know because ‘it’s under construction’ sign on the Web is ‘old’.  Whew!  It’ll be a while but…. evolving now.

Magical Seahorse at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

Magical Seahorse at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

4 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Lucy such a beautiful message.


  2. Lucy:

    Beautiful colours, fascinating jewellery, and a great blog. Good luck !


  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. How lucky I am to have met you last week end. Your site is simply exquisite

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